Company Info

Who we are? Golden Tiger Works (GTW) is a small local patch and accessory business located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii).

Our mission: To produce unique products so you can rock on your tactical gear, ruck, or everyday wear.

What do we offer? GTW is here to provide you with high quality morale patches, accessories, and apparel.  

Need a patch made for your team, squad, company?  Send us an email of what you would like to have made into a patch. We can make any patch for you, embroidered, woven, or pvc. Our patches are one of the highest qualities on the market. Minimum order (100 pieces). Note: Prices will vary on size, material used for the patch. 

Need custom artwork?  Send us an email what you would like have drawn. Price will depend on how complex and detailed the art is. You will receive full rights on the artwork so you can make prints, t-shirts, patches, stickers, pins, etc..

Who do we support? GTW supports our military police, fire, and medical support teams. GTW supports our second amendment and those guys wearing tubes on their helmets. 

Want to be a Vendor? Shoot us an email and we will supply you with a Vendor coupon code for our site to receive a major discount on all in stock and non-limited items.

Follow us on instagram @goldentigerworks  

Mahalo for your support, 

Jason Shin