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GTW and Girls for Gunslingers G4G collab


GTW and Girls4Gunslingers collab patch
-Limited Edition
-3.5 inch pvc patch with velcro

"When we first started in the patch collecting business. We did a little research on the “Morale Patch” and its history. Both in the services, and unit patches, to outside the Armed Forces and the Civilian world. One Morale or support page we found was Girls4Gunslingers (G4G). This Irish girl had seen her husband leave on 4 combat deployments before she took action against the frustrations of little or no news for combat zones, humor and especially the lack of hot chicks available on the Army’s internet. In Founding G4G on Facebook, she quickly found others that rallied behind her cause and the page grew to over 800,000 in 6 years.
We at Golden Tiger Works recognize the need for Morale boosters, Hot Chicks, and a little island paradise in all of our Service members lives, deployed and state side. Our brothers and sisters that fight for our freedom need our support. So after a little conversation, we teamed up with G4G and collab’d to create…. The G4G Hunnie.
100% of the proceeds will go to charity.
Mahalo for the support!